Published on 13 May 2024 at 00:32

How can I train to be a good citizen if I never exercise my rights? How can I regain my rights once they are forfeited?  How can we teach independence if restrained by markets of codependence? Is community a fair judge? Since when did community interest speak on behalf of my best interest?  Who is this community? 

When the community speaks on behalf, it assumes governance over my affairs. By assuming governance over my affairs, the community shuts me out. My extrication therefore is becomes essential to a commonwealth I no longer enjoy.

To the community commonwealth of 501(c)(3) advocacy groups that assume good intentions are enough and therefore are driven by faith in an ideal. Those who govern by faith in an ideal remain willfully blind to whatever does not reflect that ideal. It is the risk manager's worst nightmare to explain to dead ears what is failing and watching the government continue funding outcomes in conflict with it's objectives and therefore building an edifice of power that threatens to destroy itself in the name of justice. 

Susan M. Shultz. U.S. Ivory. 2024. Digital.

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